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Calendar 2022

As you may know, even though I am a musician, I have been doing photography also for many years, and I thought it would be nice to create a calendar with 12 selected photos from around the world that I took in the last couple of years.

The calendar is 100% homemade since I print it at home on my photo printer and I even bought a wire-bind machine for this project.

I wanted to create a calendar that has really many features, so here they are:
-lunar calendar
-holidays (USA, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Russia, China, and even Jewish and Muslim holidays)
-horoscope signs
-draw board and space for notes

I  print in two sizes, A3 and A4, on two different papers.

- Epson Archival Matte Photo Paper (192g)

or on a very high-quality art paper,

- Hahnemühle Albrecht Dürer (210g).


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