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Music from the Living Room

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach was particularly fond of the clavichord due to its expressive capabilities. The clavichord allowed for dynamic control and nuanced expression in a way that other keyboard instruments of the time, such as the harpsichord or early pianos, couldn't match. Its intimate sound and the ability to control volume and dynamics by touch appealed to Bach's sensibilities as a performer and composer, enabling him to convey a wide range of emotions through his music. The instrument's responsiveness to the player's touch made it an ideal choice for the subtle and intricate nuances that characterized much of Bach's compositions.

NEW Collaboration!


I'm really happy to share with you this news about my collaboration with Agency Résonance and Sylvie Gerin. Having known Sylvie for several years, I'm confident that her sensibility and commitment to quality perfectly match my artistic ideas and path. She will represent me worldwide and I look forward to our work together and the journey this partnership will take us on.


Discover a fresh classical music forum driven by captivating videos, where enthusiasts unite to celebrate the world of classical music. Join me on this visual journey through the realm of classical opuses!

in September!


My second recording under the French label, Artalinna, is now released.
This CD is a live recording of works by Janacek, Bartók and György Kurtág.
It is possible to listen to the CD on all major digital platforms, or you can also order the physical disc directly from me.



Subingen, Switzerland
Solo recital

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